UK UniversitiesClearing Fair 2019

The word “Clearing” has various meanings. It however takes a totally different connotation when it comes to university admissions in the UK. It is probably the most frantic period in the recruitment process. So what really is “Clearing”?

As we are aware, the UCAS application deadlines for September 2019 undergraduate starts was sometime in January 2019. All students by now must have received their offers, whether firm or conditional, subject to meeting some academic requirements in terms of their results. Not everyone will be able to get the required results and therefore miss out on the course/university of their choice. The universities will also have a number of unfilled seats due to this. Clearing is traditionally a UCAS service that allows the universities to fill those empty spaces and that also gives students without offers an opportunity to re-apply at other universities. Many universities however accept applications directly and students do not necessarily have to go through the UCAS process again. Last year, over 60,000 students through Clearing – within 28 days of A-level results coming out. You can therefore imagine how frantic this period is.

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