Leaving my family and friends behind and going to a foreign country was scary at first, but when I first came Cambridge is a beautiful City, full of students from different cultures! Different cuisines, many archaeological buildings, great place to study and live. I arrived Cambridge before starting University by one day, when I started university the fear suddenly left, everyone was so friendly, they helped me with all documents and they were so helpful.

When teaching week began I was so scared, different curriculum, different type of teaching, how am I going to adapt. And here CRIC played a huge role in my academic experience, CRIC helped me to go through my 1st year without worrying about anything, if you attend lectures then you are in the safe side, professors want to help you go through with your module, they help you step by step, they try their best to help the student the most, after lectures or by email. Moreover, the library is a very big library, all books are found there, you can study without any dispersion, other than that there are many study areas available in the university.

Now I am a student intern with CRIC I help new students to adapt with the university and city. And this is a great opportunity for me because I can help new students, so they won’t get the fear I got when I first came to the city moreover I help myself by gaining more experience.

I love educating myself on different cultures, Cambridge is full of people from different nations, in March the university had a Global week event, In this week a variety of different cultures joined the event a group of each country would unite together and take a table in the event, they make a traditional dish, traditional costume, etc… in my opinion I think food from different cultures bring people together. In this event I united with some Jordanian friends and took both it was amazing and fun, it was a great experience I learnt more about other cultures and people learned more about my culture.

Now I will go into my 8th month in Cambridge. I have learned a lot and gained experience that will benefit me in the future, Cambridge is a very beautiful city to study in full of multi culture. This is the greatest opportunity in my life in this period I learned to be independent in many ways, living alone require a lot of responsibilities.

by Nabeela Al Kailani, from Amman-Jordan    http://c.agents.navitas.com/cric-student-blog.html

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