Where you choose to live is one of the major factors determining how expensive life in Dubai will be for you. Rental prices are fairly high but move outside of the city, and you can rent in Dubai for much less.

Living expenses in Dubai (excluding rent) Average cost
Single person, per month AED 3,190
Single person, per year AED 38,280
University student, per month AED 2,055
Four person family, per month AED 11,137
Four person family, per year AED 133,644

Accomodation Costs

Dubai has a very well-developed rental sector, meaning you can find pretty much any sort of housing you could wish for. Prices in the city centre and in exclusive expat areas outside of the centre are very steep – although you can still get more reasonably priced places if you don’t mind a bit of a commute.

University costs in Dubai

.no Study Program Average Fees in AED*
1. Undergraduate Bachelor Degree 50,000-70.000 AED annually
2. Postgraduate Master’s Degree  60,000-75000 AED  annually

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