Test S3 Education were invited to the Swansea University Annual Fam Trip for Agents from 10th June to 14th June 2019. S3 were among the 4 agents from Africa and the only one from East Africa and were represented by the Director, Mr Altaf Daya.
During the 3 days, the agents got an opportunity to experience what Swansea has to offer to its students and were absolutely delighted to see the new £400m Bay Campus, right along the beach. The university has made great strides in recent years and was listed as the top university in Wales by the Guardian University Guide 2020. It was also declared as UNIVERSITY OF THE YEAR at What Uni? Choice Awards 2019 and we could see why. The students we met were very happy with their learning experience at the university and its a very friendly place to be. A lot of the staff were once students and have been working with the uni for a long time. This tells us that whoever goes to study at Swansea, just falls in love with the place. With a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses like Engineering, Management, Law, Medicine, etc Swansea ticks all the boxes.
S3 Education congratulates Swansea University for hosting a wonderful and memorable trip and we are confident that our students will enjoy the same hospitality and care during their studies at the university.